SI1 - SI2 Clarity Diamond

Slightly Included.(SI) Diamonds with a SI1 or SI2 clarity grade have small inclusions, such as pinpoints, included crystals, knots, clouds, and feathers, that can be seen somewhat easily under 10x magnification. It should be difficult to see any internal inclusions with the unaided eye. Diamonds with this grade should cost less than diamonds with a VS or VVS rating.


SI1 graded diamonds have two medium or many small inclusions that will almost always be visible to the unaided eye and are easy to locate using a 10x magnification loupe. Depending on how well placed and lightly coloured the inclusions are the stones can appear almost eye clean and therefore SI1 clarity diamonds can offer exceptional value for those wishing to maximise their budget. An SI1 diamond on a GIA, HRD or AGS certificate will in over 50% of cases be eye clean depending on the chosen shape. However, as with the VS2, this grade of diamonds probably won’t be eye clean on Emerald and Asscher cuts, on any certificate.


SI2 diamonds have a greater number of inclusions that will almost always be visible to the unaided eye. As with the SI1 clarity diamonds, they can offer great value for money and depending on the inclusions it can be possible to find an eye clean stone at a fraction of the price of higher clarity grades.